We are a team always renewing itself, full of energy and giving customers positive energy.


Right investment in world standards, with high energy efficiency, and easy installation.

Established in 1981 with trade title ELİN A.Ş., our company has always completed its works undertaken by it on due time and without any problems and set example in all works performed by it up to present thanks to its professionals specialized in their fields. The importance of customer satisfaction given by our company will be understood better from the fact that we have made works with same firm several times when our completed works are examined.

Our company has been an innovative company since its establishment date up to now thanks to its corporate culture and researching structure.

With consciousness that clean and renewable energy sources will make positive contribution to the next generations, country economy and environmental effects, it has been offering Engineering, Supplying, Construction, Commissioning  (EPC), Operating and Periodical  Maintenance (Q&M) services for Renewable Energy Systems by its technical staff specialized in their fields and its experience since 2012. 

In its factory of 40.000 m2 area and equipped with cutting edge technology and starting its activities in Ankara in 2017 with consciousness that "every factory is a Castle." it manufactures state-of-art Photovoltaic Panels generating Electricity from Solar Energy. ELİN is the first Photovoltaic Panels leading manufacturer and solar energy solution provider in Turkey.

Our company has always targeted to be the best rather than the biggest in all fields of activities it performs activities. 

In this respect, it has always targeted to be the brand coming to mind at first in the sector it performs activities, being the leading company in its field, working in compliance with international standards, capable to adapt to technological developments.

We started with the motto of Energy is our Work because we are a team capable to renew it continuously and giving positive Energy to its customers and suppliers full of Energy.

We endeavor for becoming a constructing, producing, exporting ELİN in 2023 when the 100th anniversary of our Republic will be celebrated.

Energy is our Work…


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