Elin which makes a difference by the significance it places on Human Resources is the corporation firstly preferred by all employees who have improved or want to improve themselves.

Elin which believes that it could attain corporateness and success only by means of educated, knowledgeable, experienced employees who love their job, are motivated and responsible, relies on the support and productivity of its employees who are its most important internal source. Elin’s human resources policy which takes as basis sustainability and success is, to realize recruitment of qualified work force and to ensure using this force in most efficient way.

It is committed to include abilities in their professional experiences of its employees by offering them means of training and to create chances to allow them to attain their own career targets.

Elin, is constantly making investment to its personnel and it is aiming to raise the employee satisfaction to highest level.

You can be sure that it would make you happy being an individual of Elin family.

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